Discover always shows updates as being 0 bytes

For a while now Discover shows any updates as being 0 bytes in size and displays an error message to this effect. However it will quite happily download and install these packages as normal. Does anyone else get this? When I first started using Plasma with Endeavour it never used to do this, but at some point something must have changed.

Thanks for any help.

A background question:

  • what does terminal command sudo pacman -Syu show?
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Discover is not made for Arch systems


I’ve always had problems with KDE Discover, I only use it to let me know I have updates.

I never use it to update or install software, I always use a terminal to update my system and install software.

sudo pacman -Syu

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Thanks for the replies. Yes, I’ve tried it and pacman always shows the correct file sizes. It’s just I was sure there was a time when Discover did the same thing.

You should never use discover to install or update packages on an Arch-based distro.

It uses packagekit, which doesn’t support any manual intervention which is sometimes needed for updates.

You can absolutely break your system using packagekit on Arch-based distros. If you want to use dicover to manage flatpaks, that will work fine, but never use them for repo package management.


OK, thanks, I’ll stick to pacman. The only reason I use Discover is because it works without having to keep entering the password. Which is also likely the best reason not to use it :slight_smile:


While I think using pacman is the best solution, if you would prefer a GUI solution there are several which are made to work with Arch-based distros.

  • bauh - A basic graphical package manager which supports repo, aur, appimage, snap and flatpak packages.
  • octopi - A graphical package manager which supports both repo and aur packages.
  • pamac-aur - A fully featured graphical package manager that supports both repo and aur packages.
  • pamac-all - The same as pamac-aur except it also adds support for snap and flatpak.

With either of the pamac options you should be aware that they target Manjaro’s repos and release schedule and as a result are sometimes broken on distros which use the Arch repos.

There are also some which use packagekit and should be avoided for installing/removing/updating repo packages:

  • discover
  • gnome-software
  • apper

And a psudo GUI solution not mentioned - I personally just go right to the or to check things out.

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