Discord Server?

does it have one???

I know it is very popular, but it is not free as in the mind of open source and it is also not secure in a view on privacy and security.

Currently we are using Telegram https://t.me/Endeavouros
may we enable mastodon later on…

There is already a Mastadon account, I promise that it’s going to be more active after launch, at the moment I have my hands full on mainly the wiki and some minor issues with the website.

I am really fucking happy that you do not endorse a discord server. Non-FLOSS solutions need to die and if no one stops from using them, the open-source solutions will never win.

If anyone wants to create a chat room, I suggest matrix.org


That’s a contradiction in terms. Telegram is not completely OSS. The operator’s practices are also very nebulous.

Btw., will there be a gateway to IRC again?

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i say currently, and not as the solution we want to use as the replacement for something like discord… :sunglasses:

  • using IRC would be only for something used for historical reason, yes it is truly minimalistic, but today the majority is not using it anymore.

Could you get a bit closer to what you mean?

Nothing is more durable than a provisorium. :wink:

Why hardly anyone uses XMPP (Jabber) anymore is not clear to me. Open, free protocol, decentralized, different clients, private chats with OTR and chat rooms.

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Most people want something that is seamlessly available on all devices, has a nice interface, and above all that it is possible to emoticons images e.t.c.

Simon, plz. have a look at Wikipedia articles, e.g. (en, de with a translator, if needed)!

Thanx, I do not need it. Suggesting to Wikipedia is not always a good idea… I think the issue with the telegram was sufficiently explained by its creator (if that’s what you meant).

Besides, the Jabber has its best years already behind him rather.

Telegram’s security model has received notable criticism by cryptography experts. They criticized the general security model of permanently storing all contacts, messages and media together with their decryption keys on its servers by default and by not enabling end-to-end encryption for messages by default

Telegram’s client-side code is open-source software but the source code for recent versions is not always immediately published,[17] whereas its server-side code is closed-source and proprietary

What about Riot / Matrix? very similar to Telegram and available on all platforms, with end to end encryption if enabled

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I know these social media channels are “the must haves” today, but I don’t see the purpose for this project to have so many social media channels. We’re an Arch-based distro and to hang out or help you out with a problem, you can visit the the forum that perfectly displays on your phone also. Nothing we discuss here is highly confidential, the purpose of most discussions over here is to help everyone further running the OS.


I had a very uneasy time setting up my Telegram account for joining the Endeavour talks. I joined Discord for Reborn OS just a few weeks before (which also made me uneasy), but setting up Telegram made me pass on way more sensitive personal information (like telephone number that gets verified) than Discord. This in my eyes makes Telegram much more privacy intrusive than Discord (to which I know not to give any real data). As an example: DuckDuckGo is touted to be a very safe and privacy-centric service to replace Google with, but in fact it also belongs to some company with its own interests in mind. My point is some services get a hype as being a less privacy compromising option when in fact they are not.

telegram is also not a choice we do with this already in mind, it was used by Antergos users before, so we create a channel there…

My question is though: is this really needed? Doesn’t it fragment the community? some preferring the more dynamic world of chat over forums and some the other way around, thus having in fact two communities (or at least half of the community active on one platform and the other half on the other platform)?

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I had a chat with one of the Spanish community members and he told me that in Spain (and Spanish speaking countries) a forum isn’t a popular medium in the open-source world over there. Telegram is king over there as a consulting medium, hence the very active Spanish Telegram account and the almost inactive Spanish forum over here. Since a very large part of our community is Spanish or Spanish speaking, we have to keep the Telegram account open.

that’s a valid point. i didn’t realize the Spanish community is that large.

Antergos had it’s origin in Spain, so it is more than logical that the Spanish community is a large chunk in the whole picture.