Discord Lagging

Hello everybody!

This is my first time using EndeavourOS (I was an Arch Linux user for a few months).
I really like this OS so far!

There’s one issue I’m having with Discord though:

  • Occasionally, I watch streams from friends and they are lagging/stuttering even though it’s definitely not my internet (no issues on my Windows 10 desktop computer).

My specs:

  • T480s (no additional GPU)

What I did so far:

  • Activated throttled (the T480s has temperature issues -> undervolting to -120 [CPU] and -50 [GPU])
  • TLP is running as well

Otherwise the laptop is close to exploding (temperature-wise).

Do you have any idea what could cause this issue?
I’m not sure if it’s Linux related because I’ve never used this laptop with Windows 10. And yes, the same problems occurred while using Arch.

Thank you for any kind of help!


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That’s not too surprising… :grin:

Have you looked at your running processes to determine what is using your CPU?

Might be worth checking your vents for dust etc. as well as for a BIOS update.

It also might depend on your T480s hardware specification, e.g. are you running with a dGPU which is generating heat?

I’m sorry for my late reply and thank you for yours!

Yeah, my CPU is almost never above 10% usage, which makes it even weirder if you ask me.

No, there’s only an iGPU (Intel UHD Graphics 620) running. Nothing else.

The streams are lagging and not smooth at all. It’s definitely not my internet connection (stable 300/50). Is there any other (known) reason for this issue? I’m not really satisfied with TLP and throttled as I barely notice any difference between undervolting and not undervolting.

Thank you for your help!

Possibly something like: