Discord and OBS cannot see my applications

I’ve been distro hopping recently from Manjaro to Garuda to Endeavour to finally settle here! However, I just had an issue. On Manjaro and Garuda, I could capture specific applications on OBS and screenshare particular apps on Discord. However, on EndeavourOS, the applications tab on Discord is blank! OBS cannot see my game windows so I use full desktop capture. Since all these distros are Arch-based, I suppose I need to install some package but I cannot figure out what to do!

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Is it possible you are using a DE that is using wayland? I think the current version of OBS doesn’t have wayland support.

Nope. I am using GNOME and I have an NVIDIA card so it isn’t possible.

nouveau works on Wayland, unless you configured gnome to boot into X11 (like changing the session to Gnome on X11) you’re probably in Wayland. (unless you used the same DEs in the other environments… maybe they set it to x11 then? :thinking: I remember manjaro did but that was some time ago)

I’m a fellow newbie, so this may be way off… but are you using the flatpak versions of Discord and OBS? I’m thinking that if yes, they may have limited access to the system and therefore don’t display your active apps in a dropdown or menu.

If you are using the flatpak versions you could try installing from the AUR instead.