Disable update checks

Hello EOS community, this is my first topic :sweat_smile:
I’m coming from another distro, which was also based in Arch.
By the way, nice to be here, and already found some people from my previous distro, small world huh =P

Here it goes:

I have configured almost everything as it was in my previous distro, but there is something that I can’t figure out.

Is there a way to disable the auto update checks?
I have been searching, and only found how to change the scheduling, but not how to disable it.
I would like to run it manually.
Maybe if I comment the mirror in the /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist ?

The reason for that is that I don’t want update checks while connected to VPN.

If you are talking about the eos-update-notifier program, this is what you could do:

systemctl --user stop eos-update-notifier.timer
systemctl --user disable eos-update-notifier.timer
sudo rm -f /etc/xdg/autostart/eos-update-notifier.desktop

If you later want to start using it again, simply reinstall that package.


Why not simply:

sudo pacman -R eos-update-notifier

And if you want it again, just install it again.


Yup, that’s the simplest way… :slight_smile:

Oh, so it’s the notifier which checks for the updates.
I thought that it would only notify me, and other service would be checking the updates in background.

Thanks guys, I will uninstall it

Note that you may have installed other update notifiers…

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I have installed pamac and for a while I had the eos update notifier. I removed it and kept pamac’s notifier.

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It’s a nice little app, but not necessary in most Arch-based environments that pull straight from Arch Stable.

I don’t recall a day in the past 5-6 years (or so) that Arch didn’t have something-something updated daily.

You can also run checkupdates in a terminal like the cool kids do. :sunglasses:


Or run checkupdatesext redirected to a text file, then scroll it in conky - only look at it if you want to know! :grin: