Disable the EOS update notification popup

How can we stop the update notification. I checked in startup but found nothing that looks like it will stop it. I use pamac-all and I want only that to notify me of updates.

Hello @HazukiDojo
I think this information may help.

Thank you. I think I got it now. I’ll wait and see tomorrow when I have updates.

FWIW, I usually just flat out remove the package all together if you don’t want it. Arch has updates all the time, so I just always assume there’s updates.


Yea I thought of that but I’m playing around with Endeavour at the moment and learning the way it functions and the apps that come when installing offline, customization etc for when I switch I know what things to change and keep. I’m on manjaro currently but it uses more ram than endeavour so i’ll probably move permanently here soon.

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Welcome to the forum! :smile:

One idea is to make it run only once a year! :sweat_smile:

It can be done by editing file ~/.config/systemd/user/eos-update-notifier.timer and making it look like this:

Description=Run EOS update notifier periodically

# OnStartupSec=30sec

and save the file. Then run command:

systemctl --user daemon-reload

Now it will bother you only once a year… :wink:


That would work too :slight_smile:

Removing the execute bit from /usr/bin/eos-update-notifier may as well prevent it from running?

Yes, but might cause error messages… :wink:

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Sad YAY sounds :partying_face:

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