Disable mouse tracer


ive just installed endeavour and i really like it so far. but one thing really bugs me and i havent found a way to disable it yet: my mouse leaves tracers like in the picture below. its not like the mouse (or the desktop) is laggy, it think its a feature

anyone knows how to disable this? i didnt find a solution using google

thanks in advance!


Verify by Alt+F2 effect (Desktop effect ->) mouse tracer is checked or not.
You will see the key combination Meta+Ctrl by default.

you mean “track mouse” in workspace behaviour->desktop effects->accessibility in system settings?

its turned off and its a very different visual effect

this looks very suspicious to me. i have a corsair dark core rgb pro gaming mouse, but not a keyboard. i dont remember seeing this being classified as a keyboard by xinput before.

unplugging the dongle and rebooting didnt change anything though