Disable discrete GPU completely on OS level

I’m looking for a way to completely disable the discrete graphic card on my laptop. I would like to simplify the install as much a possible, and I am not using the card at all in Linux. I am dual booting with Windows and that’s where I plan to do anything GPU-intensive, for this reason disabling the card in BIOS is not an option.

No matter how many tutorials I followed, I was not able to boot into DE until I installed bumblebee, which is absolute rubbish: the glmark2 score of the discrete GPU is lower than that of the integrated one.

Configuring bbswitch was a failure and now I resort to Optimus-Manager to only use the Intel integrated GPU. I got the Intel GPU working but there are some glitches I am not sure are not caused by the hybrid setup and I’d like to eliminate this possibility by nuking the discrete card.

Ideally I would like the OS to not even recognize there is a discrete card installed, blacklist it somehow so that it stays inert, doesn’t take any power.

The CPU is 10710U with UHD620 integrated GPU
The discrete GPU is Nvidia GTX 1650 (current driver in use is proprietary 440 nvidia).

Maybe this helps?


Thank you.
In the end I fumbled around with a bunch of different tutorials and managed to somehow get the card to stay inert in all AC states and powerstat also shows no sign of power drain. It’s sure been an adventure.

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