Digital Camera doesn't mount

My camera Fujifilm X-T200 doesn’t mount.

In the terminal I can see it from lsusb command and computer charges the camera. But it works well on other computers with linux or windows.

you may miss some support libs, EndeavourOS install is really minimal :wink:
You can show what it outputs over journalctl -f while plugging it in?
Install the libgphoto2 package, and optionally gphoto2 to have a command line interface.

sudo pacman -Syu libgphoto2 gphoto2

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With that, you can even use it as a webcam.

cool… on reading the wiki i saw i can also pipe streams as a webcam… will try using my phpone cam as a stream lets see :wink:

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Thanks a lot. It was really helpful to learn this tool.

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