Difficulty booting Arch installation ISO on new laptop with AMD 5700U

I’ve just got a new laptop & thought I’d do step one… install Arch. I’ve burned the latest Arch ISO to a USB stick, but each time I try to boot it black-screens after selecting Arch from the GRUB prompt. I’ve tried setting the nomodeset boot flag, but still no dice… it then hangs at “Booting a command list”. I’ve checked the bios settings and secure boot isn’t enabled.

Has anyone else had this issue? I’m not sure whether it makes any difference, but the laptop uses an AMD 5700U APU.

I see @dalto has recategorised this now, but I’ve just tried the latest EndeavourOS release & have the same problem.

I had issues with my AMD Lenovo Legion with a similar 5700U or 5700X. . . but not with just the booting. I had issues with the wifi and getting stuff online to use the iso. I had my wifi card on the rfkill and I don’t even remember, but there was some other obscure thing I had to do to get things working on the Arch iso.

I’m currently running memtest, and see “FAIL” written across the middle of the screen in giant red letters, so there may be some more fundamental issues at play here. I swapped the RAM over with a couple of new Corsair modules just after purchase. Will pop the old module back in this evening & see if I have any luck.

I mean, if you’re failing your memtest, that definitely would explain a big black screen.

I have no idea why but it seems to be the case that my new laptop just doesn’t like Corsair’s RAM. I popped in a couple of identically spec’d G.Skill modules from my wife’s laptop & everything worked as expected. Weirdly, the Corsair RAM worked fine in her laptop. I think this will forever remain a mystery to me.