Different set of activators on each worskpace


I have just installed Endeavour OS, running Xfce desktop. I got used to debian-kind linux (i.e. mint w. mate), and to my great surprise each and every desktop contains exactly the same set of activators (see the screenshot attached).

Is it possible, with Xfce to have different icons on each workspace?

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Not sure what you mean by “same set of icons”. Are you talking about the icon theme? I’ve never seen any DE that uses different sets of icons per workspace.

“Set of icons” – all the icons you could place in your workspace, all activators, etc. Perhaps I should have written ‘activators’, I’ll edit the post.

I used to have different workspaces (of 4), designed for different purposes, depending on the activators I placed on each.

Interesting…never heard the term “activators” applied to icons before. I don’t use desktop icons - can you give me an example of what you’re talking about, maybe a screenshot of a working system?

The screenshot has been attached, thx.

So what you’re seeing are these exact same shortcuts on all workspaces, correct?

IIRC xfce cannot do that. What you are calling activators are shortcuts (links) to either files/folders, or drives/partitions and the Rubbish bin.
They are controlled from Thunar, which includes a configuration part about “Desktop icons” (or similar name). Whatever you place inside $HOME/Desktop, you will see it as an icon on your desktop (if it is configured in Thunar to “Show desktop icons”).

Maybe mate can do what you prefer, so why not use mate instead?

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As @petsam stated. As a test, I looked at KDE and it does the same thing; I’d be willing to bet that most DEs use the same behavior.