Difference between Folder View vs. Desktop Mode

I just came around the “Layout” setting for the Desktop.

What’s the difference between “Folder view” and “Desktop” - hope the English settings are called this way as I have German language installed.

Is “Folder View” only for having Folders / Icons on the Desktop? Would I be missing sth. if I use Desktop Mode? I don’t like icons on the desktop - but maybe a cool feature I don’t know yet would not be available.

Google didn’t take me further this time :confused:
Thanks guys.

Folder view displays the icons of files in the specified directory.

Desktop view - no icons at all.

I’m not aware that you’d miss anything other than the clutter :smile:

then I need to think it over :rofl:

Ok - seems that it’s for “Folder view” only as it’s name says. Some context menu items related to folder view are missing - as not needed - when on Desktop mode.

I’ll use Desktop Mode then.


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