Die gängigsten Browser sind mittlerweile unerträglich geworden, oder?

nun ist FF mittlerweile ein kandidat für die mülltonne geworden, würde ich meinen.
on top dann noch die tatsache daß george soros auch dort seine spinnen-finger drin hat. also mozilla finanziell unterstützt.
also der typ, welcher weltweit die antifa terror-truppe finanziert, sowie BLM usw.
figuren die terror verüben, plündern und brandschatzen sowie leute gewaltsam angehen dessen meinung denen nicht passt. oder halb hamburg in schutt und asche legten (G20).
ok, die brd - bundesregierung unterstützt diese antifa terroristen bekanntlich auch mit steuergeldern.
wenn man soros googelt kriegt man das kotzen IMHO.
neben dem im video genannten zusätzlich eben dann auch noch dieser korpophage soros.
das hält man nicht mehr aus IMHO. kopfschüttel

und schon wieder die suche nach einem “sauberen” browser, ohne solche hintergründe und ambitionen sowie verstrickungen .

Well, I wouldn’t really trust someone who goes off on a tangent proclaiming Google to be a part of the “New World Order” when they try to prevent their users from using insecure passwords.

I’m not particularly fond of Google, but how about presenting the news without shoving alt-right views down the listeners throat? I’m wholly capable of making my mind up based on given facts on my own, thank you.

This is a problem with some Linux YouTubers. I wish they could leave personal political opinions out of the equation. I used to subscribe to this guy but he has gone totally haywire. There are others, like Luke Smith, who are highly political, but he keeps his political and Linux videos separated, witch is a good call.

That FF actively supports Antifa seems highly unlikely…

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To all those non-german speakers, this post is essentially just a fake news, anti-jewish, anti-Antifa, anti-Government, anti-…, hate piece.

If it were up to me, this would be his last post on this forum; IMHO, freedom of expression has its limits on a public forum with visitors from around the globe.
In the least, @Bryanpwo, @joekamprad should keep an eye on him.


I just linked the video and just quoted this video from the comments section.
So what people commented on the whole below.
Until then i had no great thoughts on the theme. Just that these antifa types are very dangerous and commit crimes. That is factual. see for example. Hamburg and the annual riots in May.
And that is a huge difference from what you are doing here.
You accuse me in a clumsy way of anti-Semitism (the usual stupid cliché to discredit Germans) and fluff yourself up morally.
Then you deliberately put me wrong in a corner and point your finger at me and incite the mods. Or devs. Against me.
I could now say that because of people like you, innocent and senseless people were killed in the 600 year inquisition because they were wrongly denounced. But the comparison limps a little and that was just a thought.
If you were an adult and mature person, you would have understood the tenor, i.e. the core of my post. Just what was said in the video and that soros apparently sponsors mozilla.
This man is highly controversial. And that is not my fault or invented by me.
And I did not say the FF or mozilla directly supporting the antifa.
Only that these extreme left-wing terrorists from various well-known sources are financially supported. That is factual. In fact, in the German Bundestag this is actually very often an issue. And some parties here have been shown to speak out. Such as. The other day the woman renate künast. They complained that the budget for antifa had to be increased. And this is factual and verifiable.
And I can’t do anything about that either, and I’m not responsible for that either.
And that the major browser manufacturers do nonsense every now and then is nothing new. It is not easy for the user to make a choice if the user would like to move around the network neutrally and if possible without sniffing or patronizing.
I just meant it well, and thought that it is of interest, or could be.
There are people who are bothered by it and don’t want to have anything to do with it, and also people who don’t care. Everyone has to decide for themselves.
There is here, for example. People who don’t like the brave browser and others who like it. Like me for example.
What you are doing here is clearly rushing IMHO for me. And the other people here can actually see that clearly.

OMG, you’ve just dug yourself a bigger hole … :man_facepalming:

Listen, I have no interest whatsoever in starting/continuing a “discussion” with you. You’ve just proven that you can’t distinguish facts from crude fiction. I certainly “understood the tenor, i.e. the core of” your post; I can read between the lines and know exactly what you’re hinting at.
As you probably won’t be persuaded by anything I say, I won’t try to; there is nothing in it for me.

Please just keep your crude conspiracy theories to yourself or at least don’t post them on a forum which tries to embrace people from around the world, trying to give and gain mostly technical linux related information.

In the least just accept this: yes, I personally feel offended by your initial post on so many levels. So just keep “information” like this to yourself in the future.


WTF did I just read?


Maybe we at least can agree that we do not agree on what @Quinix wrote here.