Desktops vs Laptops

On my Desktop, which I now use much more, not a single issue has been had with endeavour os in many months (and therefore visit the forum less :thinking:. On my laptops however, issues seem to crawl almost every month, If not more frequently. I mean the issues aren’t serious and can easily be solved with a visit to the forum, but for now, I have no idea why this happens.
Use more desktops people! :yum:


There are probably multiple reasons for this but one of them is certainly that laptops are much more likely to have complex or non-standard hardware. Hybrid graphics, lots of different wifi chips, external devices, etc.


And some crappy non-standard bios as well…

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Custom built desktops are my choice. I pick the parts based on specs and also keeping in mind the budget. Most of the time it is more expensive than purchasing an off the shelf brand name or other but not always. Most of the time the specs dictate the reason why it’s cheaper. You only get what you pay for! I choose the specs over the budget trying to keep within what’s reasonable and what’s overkill.


I wish I could use a desktop. . . I mean, other than my laptop on top of my desk. . .

Laptops are great …just put a desk under them and you got a moveable desktop! :grin:

But that doesn’t make sense. All of us are picking the right components for our desktop to work perfectly on EnOS while laptop manufacturers are picking cr*p parts?? What are the chances?


@alexander it’s about the hardware. Laptops use much more complicated designs many of which are proprietary. Desktops are more universal if that makes sense.


I was joking about the desk under the laptop but desktops are better because you can choose the individual components and specs. Laptop specs are predetermined by their design. You can pick a different laptop but you are limited to certain upgrade abilities.