Desktop Settings issue

Does anyone else have to go to Desktop Settings twice before it works?

^ First right-click, Desktop settings, click, then it just sits like that.
Close that window, repeat, it works…

I didn’t have “desktop settings” but I right clicked for configure desktop and got this:

Everything appears normal. Are you on wayland or x11? It could be a compositor issue/glitch.


Tried wayland and x11…does it for both. I wondered if it’s because maybe I have too many wallpapers loaded, even for a i7-9750 with 32 gb ram and 2 TB ssd; so removed all of them, and it still does it.
And yeh, it’s “configure desktop and wallpaper”, which brings up Desktop Settings.
Thanks for checking!

NP. For reference, I’m X11 still ( can’t beat stability).


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You, like I, have Desktop Folder Settings, as our layout is set to Folder View.
I’ll switch to Desktop View and see if it makes a difference, perhaps you could too, just to rule that out?

edit: No difference, it just works on my end, even after a reboot.
Sorry mate, stumped.

While I don’t have that issue, can you try turning off compositing (Display and Monitor - Compositor - Untick the box) and see if it still happens?


Turned the Compositor off, then turning it on again. Then it works. Sigh.


“It’s running Windows Vista! We’re all going to die!”


For this purpose I have a little script that resets the compositor on KDE Plasma:

qdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor suspend
qdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor resume

Easier than navigating the settings, in my opinion.


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