Desktop freeze after sleep

Fellow eos and plasma comrades,

I have an issue after I put my plasma/eos machine to sleep and wakeup after. Sometimes one or two of my three monitors freezes on the logon screen and seems unresponsive. I still can login though, but the affected screens just show the logon screen. It only happens from time to time and is hard to reproduce… Any hints?

I unfortunately run and nvidia gpu and have "preserve vmemory’ enabled…


Not sure if this is helpful. Is it a screen issue or a power management issue with Nvidia?

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Hey thanks for the tip. I am guessing it is not… my driver was crashing always on suspend and wakeup, but i could fix that issue with:

So this works then?

Additionally, to unlock the full functionality of the interface, the NVIDIA Linux kernel module needs to be loaded with the NVreg_PreserveVideoMemoryAllocations=1 module parameter. This changes the default video memory save/restore strategy to save and restore all video memory allocations.

Sorry I was not precise… this suspend/wakeup issue that I had was years ago and I could figure this out when I still was on manjaro…

This is something else… I have this issue very irregularly and do not even how to reproduce it… once every 10 -15 wakeups… the graphic driver is not affected… and still works… also if I restart plasma with
plasmashell --replace
the issue still is there, until I reboot…

It can be a lot of thingssometimes. Are the monitors different or all identical? How are each hooked up? HDMI, DP? Sometimes it’s poor quality cables that don’t meet specs. Do you a have a multi-monitor file?

They are all different, and I use Wayland not X. Also since I use wayland all of them have a different resolution set. Two of them are via DP and one with HDMI. Two of them (secondary and the third on) are connected via HDMI and the primary one is connected with DP. Do you think I should exchange the cables? Did not have this issue with any other distro yet… with the same cables…

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Standard troubleshooting advice:

Check the logs! :wink:

Compare failed with not-failed suspension/wake-up boot logs.

I never use suspend/sleep or hibernation. Especially on Nvidia! :rofl:

We are proud to have you here Miracle ItNeverHappenedToMe Rick! :rofl:

I just don’t use suspend or hibernation at least on my desktops. The laptops i don’t use much but i do have some and when i do use them they seem to behave. :man_shrugging:

Nevertheless, you felt a strong inner desire to uncover this personal secret, in a topic where a user asks for help from users that do use suspend/hibernation. :no_mouth:

I have no problem with that, although I am not sure OP appreciates this declaration. :person_shrugging: of no experience.
Imagine every forum user to post “I don’t know a solution to your issue”, to every topic where they can’t help. :wilted_flower:

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I’m not sure what you mean? I was just making a joke relating to the fact that nvidia seems to always be a problem. But, yes i can’t help much as i don’t use it. :man_shrugging:

I am using suspend/wakeup on all of my devices, since energy costs are pretty high in my region and I also have a pretty energy hungry machine… Apart of the costs, also because of sustainability reasons it makes sense to use sleep/suspend… I do not want to go through boot/reboot every time I am doing a little brake…

I do understand that nvidia with their shitty proprietary drivers suck, and I despise their company… I am thinking of switching to AMD, but I also render quite a lot of animations and do machine learning stuff and cuda/optix are unfortunately still better…

I understand where you are coming from. My only help was offering you the Nvidia guide as I don’t install with hibernation or set it up after. I just use swap file and I’m on btrfs with grub. My desktops will suspend but i usually don’t use it and I’m not even sure it works properly all the time as i haven’t really tried it out over extended periods. Sorry i can’t be much help.

@petsam has more knowledge. :wink:

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