Desktop FreeBSD

Google suggested me this article which I found quite interesting:

FuryBSD aims to provide an easy way to get started with FreeBSD desktop. So far it has 2 DEs supported - XFCE and KDE.
I’ve never tried FreeBSD before, because I heard that it’s not really for desktop use. But I really tempted to try this one (downloading the image with xfce). Is the experience going to be different than that of Linux? Has someone used FreeBSD as their primary desktop OS? :slight_smile:

The biggest challenges with running freebsd on a desktop are typically hardware support and application availability. Most of the big open source applications will be available but less common or commercial software availability will be less.

I would certainly recommend giving it a try though. GhostBSD is another nice one for desktop use.


I agree with @dalto and would recommend you start by running on a VM. Depending on what hardware you have, installing on bare metal can sometimes be tricky. Installing on a laptop can sometimes be impossible.


The good thing about FuryBSD is that you can test whether it works well with your hardware before actually installing it. For me pretty much everything was working out of the box in the live environment (even touchpad), only wireless took some extra efforts (just a couple of lines into config - the needed kernel module was already loaded).
The documentation is absolutely outstanding, even better than Arch’s :heart_eyes: :nerd_face: and overall experience was way user-friendlier than I was expecting. Around 400 packages are installed, it’s pretty minimal, but comfortable for testing. Xfce feels normal and it’s all cozy and linuxy :smiley:
I’ll probably try to install it after some reading and playing around. If it won’t work out then I’ll give a try to GhostBSD, thanks @dalto :slight_smile:

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