Desktop forgot how to do lower resolutions

I installed Endeavour OS a few days ago on my laptop. Everything seemed to go smoothly, however, as I started my computer I noticed that my laptop only does 1920x1080 resolution. Whilst I probably would have not usually noticed that my HD screen only does the one and true HD resolution only, I have a few games that I play while windowed. All the games in my Steam library only have the 1920x1080 resolution even when set to windowed mode, and Lutris virtual desktop only gives 1920x1080.

I have no idea how to even begin to troubleshoot this issue outside just installing the distro again. Would anyone have some suggestions on how to go about this issue? Thanks!

Not sure what you are asking here.

Do you just want to lower your Video Screen Resolution?
Do you want to lower the output resolution of the game?

I don’t play games so no idea of windowed mode.