Desktop environment different after reboot


I’m new to Linux as of today and I guess my question is pretty stupid. But unfortunately I can’t find a solution.

I have installed and set up the Plasma environment. After a reboot and logging in, I was shown a new very spartan graphical environment. Unfortunately, I don’t know why this keeps happening and how I can get back to the old one. Probably this is normal and I just made a mistake. But to be honest, I don’t quite understand it. Can you help me?

Thank you very much!

I am not sure what you mean exactly. Can you provide some examples of what changed?

Also, a screenshot of your spartan environment might help.

At the login screen, is there anywhere you can you select Plasma?

Did you install plasma from the online installer or how did you install it?

Thanks for your reply!

It looks like a tablet version to me. I used the online installer and did not install a second operating system and deleted all partitions beforehand. I also only installed the plasma environment.

I hope this information will help you.

That is gnome, not plasma/kde.

It looks like you installed multiple DEs. Logout, before putting in your password again look around the screen there should be a place to switch to plasma on the screen depending on which display manager you are using.

Also, if you are an absolute beginner, I would really recommend against having more than one desktop environment installed. It can cause minor conflicts and if you don’t know what to look for it may cause frustrations you could avoid.

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Oh wow… you are right. Don´t know how that happend. That´s stupid :D. I’m sorry to have bothered you with this. I must have put the wrong tick in the box.
Is it possible to uninstall Gnom cleanly or should I rather rebuild the system?

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It is easier to re-install if this is a new system.

Cleanly uninstalling gnome can be a pain. It will also leave all it’s config junk behind in your home directory.

That being said, it is possible to remove if you want to go that route.

Ok, thank you very much! Then I will get to work again later and do a re-install.
Big praise to the forum for the quick and friendly help :slight_smile:


#irony on#
you’re seeing this totally wrong! What happened here was an upgrade, that took place during the reboot. Your KDE Plasma Desktop got upgraded and replaced by a better one, you know :joy: :wink:
The system handled that for you. No manual intervention was needed. Isn’t that convenient?

#irony off#

Welcome to your new Endeavour!

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haha :D. I like you Guys! Maybe i will stay here for a longer time :thinking:

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ok, nice.

hey that makes me feel a bit like being the dude out on the street engaging people to come into the club. Like “hey, come in here and watch the show. It’s the best you’ve ever seen! I promise!”
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Hello @siNn
Sometimes we like to have a little fun. We laugh at our selves often! :grin: Welcome to EndeavourOS!

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