.desktop entry - default terminal

It may be something absolutely obvious, but still not clear to me. What determines in which terminal an application associated with a desktop entry will be launched if the “Terminal” key’s value is set to “true”?
Does it depend on the DE used? How about WMs?
Is it possible to change the “default” terminal, while keeping the .desktop file intact?

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.desktop shall not choose for you :slight_smile:

in most DE’s you have preffered applications to set standard terminal; on wm’s is another story
all that mime magic is unknown :slight_smile: you can always in .xsession : export Terminal=(terminal) i gues or in /etc/environment ?

atleast should set somewhere up…not so specialist in it lol…

is handy if you make pcurses or glances to your menu …

Via the app launcher Deepin now picks the correct terminal emulator (the one chosen in the default applications), but if I do gtk-launch some.desktop it is always xterm. Xterm is the default terminal in dwm as well.
Even DE’s default applications are not perfect, htop entry was bugged on Deepin for some time, trying to launch Gnome terminal. Similar problems were present in LXQt if I remember right.
Setting TERMINAL environment variable doesn’t seem to have any effect.