Desktop effects were restarted due to a graphics reset

I am using KDE/wayland, and the my screen just freeze when I am watching YouTube on Firefox, I have no idea why, the last thing I notice it the following message:

The desktop is totally freeze, I cant get it to do anything by any operation (moving mouse, type) and I have to force reboot to get it works…

This happens sometimes when I using firefox to watch videos (via YouTube or other website), not always but happens more than once, but I am not sure what cause it. Any idea how to fix this?

system info:
AMD cpu + gpu kde/wayland

What about on X11?

Another idea is to use the default keyboard shortcut of Alt + Shift + F12 to toggle compositing on and off.

I haven’t tried on X11, I will try Alt + Shift + F12 if that happens again, seems that it is not happening after recent updates.

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