Desktop deadly freezes. KDE Plasma 5

Hello everyone, I have a critical issue with Endeavourus OS with KDE Plasma 5 as desktop environment installed. The system deadly freezes in random moment, usually this occurs when I’m working less than 5 minutes and can’t even calmly open browser or other app. I’m not starting any “heavy” apps which fully loads system. Also I can’t enter to terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F2.

First time it happened a couple days ago, but then the system loading just stops at “Starting Visualisation daemon” point, and it was failed. I have disabled virtualization in BIOS and system started loading correctly but now i’m struggling this issue I mentioned before - system simply freezes at random moment.

Please include some info/logs to help those forum members who are able to help to have something to work with:

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As @pebcak has posted could you provide more specific information such as your complete hardware output to start with. I am running KDE and I have never had any issues such as this.