Denied gui login in a brandnew fxce installation

Why the Fxce endea i freshly installed denied me login ? i can login into tty with the same password, but when i tried to log in gui (the first time after installation), it appears to accepted my login (i saw gui changed after my password), then pop me right back out!
What on earth is happening ? a brand new installation ?!

I’m sorry to say that I don’t know why you’re having that issue on a fresh install, but on the other hand, I’d like to be the first to congratulate you on your 100th topic opened on the forum. :partying_face:


Gosh! shh!! don’t say that… i have being trying to supress myself from posting…to reach 100th … :flushed:

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy new years to you. I thought this forum gonna be closed… i just post even if nobody, so that i can get help as soon as it is “open” again.

I also don’t know why… as i have tried to install LXQT… i changed sddm to lx… some interface… rebooted, and it denied me to login gui ly… tty is ok.
But since i don’t like LXQT , i have deleted the partition from windows7 live usb (also to fix win7 boot up that have being damaged by lxqt installation).
After that i installed FXCE along side with win7 (MBR with Legacy boot)…, and the first time login to fxce is denied… but still can do tty… WHY ?

I have followed the installation instruction on "this forum dual boot installation under legacy boot section to the word. I have flagged the fat32 partition with legacy boot … but win os still not able to exist parallely with linux…

After searched, i saw this post , someone having the exact same problem as i did:

The original poster said it works… but i have not yet try it… because i don’t get what is the problem nor understand the solution provided…

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@OP I have already closed a thread on this topic. I will reopen it tomorrow. Please do not post duplicate threads.

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