Deleting openbox de

i installed openbox for the first time , i dont feel like it now , i have mate , how to i completely uninstall openbox guide me guys

First switch to mate so that you don’t uninstall your active de and then use -Rs the same way you used -S to install.

Also remove ~/.config/openbox to remove all the config files.
That is if you are not going back to use openbox again.

do i just type pacman -Rs openbox

okay , but will it create the config file again if i use openbox in the future ?

You will need to build it up again following the instructions here for example:

Or EnOS’ Openbox community edition:

If you like the way you have already set it up, so leave it as it is.

and as @archbtw suggested , i just wanna confirm , i just type sudo pacman -Rns openbox right ?

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First logout from your Openbox session and login to your Mate DE as mentioned by @archbtw.

thank you sooooo much

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wiki a wonderful thing :wink:


it says " could not prepare transaction ( could not satify dependencies) removing openbox removes dependency ‘openbox’ required by obconf

edit : i am really sorry for being annoying and dumb but plz help…

This guy gets it!

^ @Fakhar

Also - If I were me, and I had such a new install - I would just start over with a fresh install anyway to make sure you clear everything unnecessary.

Remove obconf first.

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If you ever decide to install lxqt… it czn interfere witj old openbox config if its stil there :upside_down_face:

Can u help me here too How to install aterminal without a terminal

Press [Strg]+[Alt]+[F2] and log in. Et voila.
If you want to go back to graphical display, press [Strg]+[Alt]+[F1]

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