Deleting from desktop

I have installed a lot of desktop environment just for experimenting other choices over KDE/Plasma.
I know, too much DE are not so good on one system, having settings both for GTK and QT that fight between them. Anyway, my question is about some icons appeared on my desktop after the installation of LXDE (I guess) and when I switched to my dear Plasma, some icons about ‘computer’, ‘username’, ‘network’ and ’ trash ’ was now on my desktop. Each one of them report a ’ ! '. I would delete them but I’m not sure they are just icons but the app itself. Opening the properties with right-click, each icons result to be a desktop entry… what is the best way to remove them from desktop?

Look at the files and see what they actually are. They may be desktop files or may be symlinks.

ls -l ~/Desktop

They are all ’ .desktop '…

You can check if they are owned by a package using pacman -Qo ~/Desktop/* and if they are not owned by a package you can just delete them.

They really shouldn’t be owned by a package since they are in your home directory but it never hurts to check.

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Ok, they are not owned by any package. I just deleted them from my desktop and , just for now, it seems that any of the referred app are not affected by that.

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