Default power saving settings?

My display goes dark after some period of inactivity. I don’t appreciate that and want to disable this “functionality.” It’s not related to power-profiles-daemon since I removed that, without relief. I find no obvious likely causes of this unwanted behavior when looking through running processes or installed software. Can someone please point me to what might be controlling this and how I can configure it?

you may want to check configs:

Modify DPMS and screensaver settings with a command

It is possible to turn off your monitor with the xset command which is provided by the xorg-xset package.


Command Description
xset s off Disable screen saver blanking
xset s 3600 3600 Change blank time to 1 hour
xset -dpms Turn off DPMS
xset s off -dpms Disable DPMS and prevent screen from blanking
xset dpms force off Turn off screen immediately
xset dpms force standby Standby screen
xset dpms force suspend Suspend screen

Thank you! This was really useful information that helped me solve my issue and also learn something interesting (to me, anyway) about what’s going on inside my computer.