Default audio recorder in EnOs Plasma

According to the left bottom corner of this screenshot, i think there is not default Audio recorder package preinstalled in EnOs plasma right ?
I would like to record a voice event generated by my bluetooth transfering… * it says something like error… pls view in log… *which i don’t quite get it, so that plasma Expert can tell me what is that all about.
May i know which one multimedia recorder and editor that is all purpose and multi capable … (i want to do some editing of audio mp3 and video wmv files as well)

Anybody suggesting Audacity or Ardour ?

Best way to make your choice is take a few minutes and try them out. This is Linux. The fact that a particular app is the default really is kind of vague. It may be the default but that does not mean that it can easily do what you want. So try them both, it does not cost money, just some time.


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sudo pacman -S audocity

is one of the most common ones for audiorecording, not that simple but very useful.

there is also kwave

for video edit kde have:


There is no one software can do both ?

Is there a "meeter banana " alike software for linux ?
I use skype to have group conference over internet. I need to play video and multimedia sound over skype during the conference, because i am “hosting” the conference. The other parties over the internet will also do speeches, and i will be controlling the video and audio over skype upon their request… It is just a small christian group gathering over skype (due to pandemic). Currently i am hosting in windows os. I dislike windows, that’s why i migrate to linux, hoping that in linux i can do the same, then i can’t totally remove windows os from my system.

I did just that in manjaro os, the result is the whole os became unstable and a lot of problems surfaced. I won’t want to do that in this os. Least have to reinstall.

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all video editing software will have audio support… but video and audio editing can be two different things :wink: