Deepin - > Spyware?

I’m agree that it’s not the fault of Deepin, this is the result from like @fredbezies said :
Put in your head Deepin is the Debian’s child !

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What? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You know what :innocent:

Damn that looks sexy, is it possible to get KDE to look like Deepin DE v20?

Sure, but it might take about ten minutes. :grin:

I know I can change the icons easily, but what about the taskbar, can I get those round corners by any chance on KDE?

I just realised that you’re looking for Deepin v. 20, an I guess those icons aren’t around yet, as it hasn’t been officially released.

You could of course install Deepin DE, and then pic what you like from KDE Plasma like Dolphin, but I guess you got your reasons for not wanting to do so.

My main reasons for using KDE is Dolphin, KDE Connect, and being able to fiddle about with the looks of it, and change everything around, witch amuses me.

The latter is exactly why I use Deepin DE instead on my laptop. :rofl:

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I am too worried about Chinese spyware. If Deepin company does dodgy stuff, I do no want anything to do with their products. Yes sure it is open source, but who even studies every single line of code? And how do you know they don’t compile some secrete hidden code. Additionally Deepin linux is not as customisable and it uses more RAM.

Oh nice, same thing over here :slight_smile: for me I have to be able to customise my system to work the way I want it to work. But I just want to know if it is possible to make the taskbar round around the edges and for me to have something set up to automatically change between light and dark themes?

Oh lol :slight_smile:

I worry more about Google and similar enterprises than them trying once to set up something akin to Google Ad Sense/ Google Analythics in their webshop, and after being scolded for that manouver, removing it.

Deepin being open source means that it can be easily checked for inconsistances, neferious scripts and such. I think it was QuidsUp on Youtube that found the tracker to start with, and I’m pretty sure he will be at them like an angry english badger bereft of scones and clotted cream.

As of the round edges, I really can’t say, but when it comes to automatic theme changing I did some looking in to that, and I’d go for setting up a cron job, but I haven’t got around to doing it. Here are some pointers to start with:

There is also AutomaThemely, but last time I tried to set it up it didn’t do what it was suposed to. It might work now though.

I really wish KDE would have this installed from get go, as it seems like a very Plasma thing to ship.

only because it comes from china? what is then about india? a lot of spam and malware comes from there… so if software is developed by someone from such a country it is all spam malware and spyware? :wink:

In my point of view no one needs such spyware anymore, there is no need to spy you from inside your devices or local-network with today tec it is possible (and is done already) to get all needed data without any hacking into your privacy, datapoints are leaved by yourself all over the net and all over your daily ways…

Today you could just be spied by yourself… :thinking:


Yup, and it was removed pretty quickly after the discord that came with it beenig discovered.

What about Deepin installed on Arch though? It doesn’t have the deepin app store.

Good question. In broad lines, one should be ok. But I’ll be weary with anything software coming from Red Dragon.

That’s a blanket judgment.


because its not about spyware but about technological dominance. In many areas the chinese have catched up or already got ahead. The US is just scared they will lose its pole position.

As a german citizen - I never have understood - that we (europeans) rely on the US or China in those areas or at least support transnational open source projects.

spying each other is natural, i do believe, is mostly about money, in the past many currency can helped to economic a but since euro difference are gone you relys now to much on debt rents etc etc… is al to technical i dont know short way life is expensive :slight_smile:

Zorin OS is Chinese!:

Another distribution which will go to /dev/null. It is useless anyway.