Dedicated Window Layout?

Is it possible in KDE to save a window layout and have certain apps launch in those spaces?

I’ve never used them but isn’t Activities supposed to cater for that sort of thing? I’m really not sure but from what I understand it’s supposed to set up a kind of workspace where you have a configured space with apps and a setup. If that’s not the case it would be a good idea!

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That is true, I should have stated my question more clearly. Activities should handle that but I think a script would be needed - kwin maybe?

Hmm, possibly. As I said I haven’t used Activities so perhaps it might take a bit more. Have a look in the Help section in the KDE desktop menu, or the KDE wiki perhaps? (almost the same).

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You can use window rules to set any window/application to appear in exactly the same position on the screen. You can specify coordinates, or make it so that Kwin remembers where each window was.

For example, I have xeyes always open at the top left corner of my right monitor (that way, it can “see” both monitors nicely).

To set that up, open the application and, while focused, press Alt+F3 (or use the icon menu). Select “More Actions” and then either “Configure Special Window Settings” or “Configure Special Application Settings”. Alternatively, you can go to System Settings → Window Management → Window Rules.

There you can set up specific rules for every window or application, things like position, size, border, desktop, whether it is always on top, whether global keyboard shortcuts work in that window, etc, etc…

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That’s a partial solution yeah. It’s not quite setting up a pre-configured work environment though. I use that for certain applications too. I suppose if you reserve a workspace/desktop for that it could be usable.

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