Dedicated Linux clients for Contacts (CardDav) and Calendar (CalDav)?

I am having a hard time finding dedicated apps for the two services in the title. I self-host my own calendar and contacts, so I need to be able to access them. Unlike mac and windows, I’ve noticed Linux doesn’t ship with contacts/calendar apps that offer these protocols. What options are out there, as I can’t seem to find any? I am trying to avoid bundling these in thunderbird, evolution, kontact. I need dedicated apps.

I’ve integrated both into Evolution. What type of application are you looking for that integrates both contacts and calendar, but is not an integrated application like Evolution or Thunderbird?

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I have integrated it into Kontact via Nextcloud. Calender, Contact and Tasks are are displayed in the calendar. Once set up, you only need to activate the PIM module in the respective calendar widgets you use.