Decrypting drive is a hit and miss

I have encrypted my drive when I did a fresh install.
When I reboot and I am asked to input the password to decrypt the drive, its a hit and miss. Sometimes it works the first time around and sometimes I have to reboot at least three times before the keyboard (internal) is actually responding. Its probably frozen I guess.
Any ideas ?

I have two installs with encryption. I don’t have any real issue and i am using mechanical keyboards. I can say i think it is very sensitive to the input so if you are not precise on the keys you’ll have to reboot back to it. Originally i did have this problem with my normal keyboard on one system but i switched to mechanical keyboards with lighting so i know they are working when the lighting comes on at least. :grin: Not sure if it’s keyboard issue but you could try another if you have one. Not sure if the keyboard is active at that stage?

Thanks for your reply.
My other keyboard is an external bluetooth keyboard not active yet as the OS is not launched. The issue is very annoying. I turn off my laptop every night and every morning I have to go through that. I don’t even know where to get logs at that stage ?

Oh okay i didn’t realize it was a laptop? So it could be that the keyboard is not active?

Check Radio tab of TLP (you can use tlpui for ease), make sure you restore bluetooth devices on startup, if it’s not working still, make sure to blacklist your keyboard from powersaving in there

Thanks. made sure through tlpui to get bluetooth device but that did not help.
My issue is with my internal keyboard and even checking the option does not give me access to my external bluetooth keyboard at that specific moment. I would need to have decrypted first to have access to my bluetooth devices. I do and bluetooth once past the encryption, is working fine.

@ricklinux Yes its a laptop. Tuxedo 15’.

Oh sorry, i thought you had a problem with bluetooth keyboard unable to start…
Well that is super-weird to hear about internal keyboard, if it’s not just misstiped password.

Especially since it’s Tuxedo made for Linux :thinking:

@keybreak no worries.
I thought so at first. Tried a couple of minutes ago and still the issue persist. I am pretty much certain that I have eliminated the potential misspelling of the passphrase…
Well, the catch phrase (especially pertaining to my model) is not correct. Its more “made for Ubuntu or Suse”. No support for the rest. For Ubuntu, their support stops at 18.04.

I’m not familiar with how the keypad works in a laptop but on normal keyboard the keymap has to be loaded before the encrypt which is done by mkinitcpio hook when booting? :man_shrugging:

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@ricklinux, a wild guess but the internal keyboard on this specific model is very special as it needs a module to be loaded for the backlight. The module is built by the Tuxedo guys themselves. Could this be an issue ?
tuxedo module

Mind you, I tried Ubuntu 20.04 and Fedora 33 with disk encryption and never had issues like that.

It might? I don’t have enough experience with laptops to really give you advice on this but looking at the module info it’s not just for lighting it has settings to activate the keyboard also i think.

Ok, I guess its one of those issues that are just way above my head :slight_smile: Too bad its a show stopper…

Thinking about it though, i did not have the pb prior to kernel 5.9.13. It upgraded, I believe two days ago.

Are you able to boot into it and install the lts kernel using the kernel manager program akm in the menu to see if it works.

Ah, did not know about akm and lts. If I am getting this correctly, I don’t have to update to a new kernel when the system is offering it ?
Do I have to install akm ? Or is it present in the system with a fresh install ?

It should be there i think? You can check and if not install it.

yay akm

It’s in the endeavour repo #1 i think.

I am now on LTS. Rebooted twice and no issue.
Love the ease of use of AKM :slight_smile:
Will continue testing tomorrow and report back if any issue on the potential freeze of keyboard.
Another issue popped out. The reboot is taking for ever…

@linesma says it’s first sign of UEFI trouble and need of ACPI parameters in grub, check this article:

But still…For Tuxedo it would be weird’ish so i’m not sure :upside_down_face:

For tuxedo, they advice a specific acpi grub configuration on their website. This is again specific to my model, if my understanding is correct. I have read about acpi but I have to admit I understand only the basic concept of what it does.
tuxedo acpi
In any case, everything went sideways as far the keyboard freezing,.I did a complete fresh install of the system as I have to do some work on that rig and can’t spend too much time looking for a solution to an issue I barely understand. My best guess as far as the issue, (just a guess), it was not related to kernel or endeavor OS but probably related to TLP…

PS: The road to freedom is a difficult one

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But it is rewarding for sure :wink: