DayZ via Proton and Steam hangs the whole system within 20 mins

Hello community,

I am a versatile user of linux, but I have trouble in finding out where this one comes from…

I love playing DayZ, which requires Proton and Steam. So far so good, but within 15-20 minutes, the sound starts cracking (for miliseconds no sound), followed by falling FPS and if I am not fast enough in killing DayZ, the whole system hangs in such a manner, that I can’t even open the console (Ctrl+Alt+F2).

What I can see is, that by time the game asks for more and more RAM. But: I have plenty of it, it should be enough. When starting on Win11, it does not take that much RAM.

Something similar happens to Youtube videos. After some time, the sound is cracking, but this is all - no hanging system.

My question is: How do I find out how to fix this?

Thank you in advance!


some better info about hardware and installed Desktop would be helpful to be able to help on your issue.

Thank you for the hint about the logs. I didn’t know, it were so easy with EndeavourOS.

The hardware is a Lenovo Thinkbook 14 G3 ACL (21A2) with 16 GB RAM, 2,5 GB of this for graphics.

KDE Plasma on X11.

External Docking Station via USB-C Targus Dock 310.

Monitor attached to Targus Dock via HDMI.

DisplayLink is troublesome, I guess. But the sound cracking happens on the laptop without attachments, too. While l attach the HDMI to the laptop itself, I cannot reproduce the problem. It only comes with the HDMI cable attached to the docking station. So this shall be a problem with DisplayLink. Workaround found, but it is not as good as having a good DisplayLink.

OK, now I have provoked this error, linked to HDMI directly. It might or might not be connected to DisplayLink. I guess, it’s not.

Now, it froze in a Signal video call.

Here is my journalctl for 10 mins:

Please verify that with MangoHUD. You can also look into setting swap or zram.

I have verified the raising demand for RAM by time with htop in a second screen.

I will try adding swap in a first step.

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I have added swap. This should be the solution. After 4h intense usage, there was no trouble any more.

The sound cracked at one point, but it was for a very short period of time and without any trouble with the system.

Thank you!

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