Davinci Resolve Audio Broken

(Sorry if I didn’t put this in the correct catigory)

Basically, all the sound on davinchi resolve is delayed. So if I press the play button, the sound comes out with like a 1 second delay. When I scrub video, the sound is delayed by a second.

Welcome to :enos: forums @Croldfish!!
Can you provide us system info as per this article?

Also, can you provide us information to reproduce your issue and further details.
Did this issue exist before? Did this happen after an system/app upgrade. Have you tried to downgrade the app using the downgrade command?

https://clbin.com/oDhmr <<< hardware info
I couldn’t do journal ctl command thing because it says that the request entity was too large

how to reporoduce:

  1. install endeavouros kde
  2. install davinci resolve (aur or standalone binary)
  3. plop a video clip with audio and see for yourself

This issue exsisted on a previous install of endeavourOS

i don’t want to downgrade davinci resolve


I might of missed it what version off resolve? the Beta 18?
I have resolve working here on kde.


I am using Version 17

I am going to try the beta version to see if that works




I just installed the beta, the audio delay issue still persists.

Also, there is no menu bar at the top (the thing where you can select the file menu, the edit menu, the preferences menu, etc.) in kde plasma (in mate it’s there except with mate desktop enviromnent there’s screen taring everywhere)

https://streamable.com/ckkn3x here is a video of what’s happening