Darn grub and it's config

Being the adventurous soul I am, I have my home server running Endeavour, with linux vs linux-lts typically.
Being as I use ZFS on my media drives, I have fairly frequently ran into issues where the zfs-dkms will not build the module when we jump versions (like 6.8). When I have ran into that, I have installed linux-lts to get me by till I can jump on the fresh kernel updates again.
In my current iteration (hardware is a NUC), I somehow got it loaded with grub, and for whatever reason when I removed the linux and installed lts, grub didn’t remake it’s config and I didn’t notice and rebooted.
Arch-chroot to the rescue and I’m up again, maybe I should just stay on LTS, it’s not that the server needs the latest kernel, I’m just ‘updatey’.

By default, grub-mkconfig doesn’t run when kernels and installed/removed/updated. It needs to be done manually.

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I guess that’s that…I thought it automatically triggered. I guess I just saw the dracut rebuild.

Many other Linux distributions do that, namely regenerating the grub.cfg after installation/removal/update of kernels. Arch doesn’t.

However, you could create a pacman hook for that. I don’t know if it is “officially endorsed”, though it is perfectly feasible.

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