Darktable starts with black screen

When I start darktable in Wayland, it shows a black window and freezes.
If I change to X11, it just changes the black background to transparent.
When I installed it, I noticed that it stuck on the step “reloading devices” for a while, then timed out and ended the installation.
Can you help me identify the cause of this issue?
Follows darktable debugging messages for Wayland (dt.txt) and X11 (dtx.txt)

Thanks in advance
UPDATE: I tried to add hardware info, but the command inxi -FAZ --no-host freezes.
UPDATE1: After a restart,

Not sure what happened.

I was able to get hardware info: https://0x0.st/XzNo.txt

So… All good now?

Yes, I think so.

Now I’m facing some weird and random freezes on sleep, shutdown and restart, but that’s another topic.

All in all, I think it all boils down to the rolling release paradigm, totally new for me who came from the LTS standard.

I’m still struggling to get a stability baseline for the daily use without having to spend hours trying to solve some issue.

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You could limit how often you update to so that you deal with such possible issues less often. I pretty much only update on weekends, unless there is an important update during the week that I need to make.

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