Dark theme icons not visible

Hey! When using dark theme, there are still applications that use dark icons, which makes them barely visible, like KeePass for example. How could I fix that?

Which specific version of keepass are you using?

Can we see the output of pacman -Qs keepass?

local/keepassxc 2.6.6-1
    Cross-platform community-driven port of Keepass password manager

Does it happen with all dark themes? Which theme are you using?

I haven’t tried any other. I used the default one, Breeze Dark

I would try a different dark theme to see if it is a problem with the application or the theme itself.

Tried Arc Dark. No changes

It may be an issue with the application itself if the issue is present in multiple themes.

Have you selected a dark icon theme to go with your dark Plasma theme?

For example, I’m using Arc Dark with Breeze-Cheerful-Phantasy-Dark icons and everything is fine. If I switch to a light icon theme some icons are not visible.

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Shouldn’t Papirus-Dark work?