Dark Forum Theme Option Under Interface Settings

Hello there!

Hopefully it’s already in the works, but wouldn’t it be great if the forum was easier on the eyes? It’s really bright in here! :upside_down_face:


HI. Have you tried the “Dark Reader” add-on for your browser (Firefox and Chrome).

I use the Brave Browser (Chrome/Chromium based) and the forum page looks like this:

It’s not perfect but pretty darn good IMO.

Edit: Duh forgot the links:





It’s in the works, I really need time to set it perfectly, you can expect it around the end of August or beginning of September. (I’m going on vacation tomorrow, I will be visiting the forum, but leave work at home. :wink:)


good holiday friend

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It’ll do until the official workaround is introduced. Thank you. :+1:

Works for me! Have a safe trip!

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Have a safe and happy holiday! Look forward to hearing from you when you come back.

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Wow. I never heard of Dark Reader. Just installed it in Firefox and could feel my eyes relax as the screen changed. I’m not sure what I appreciate more right now; EndeavourOS or its community! Switching to Brave to add it there now.


glad to help!

I guess we should all thank the OP as I would have never discovered this extension myself without their original inquiry, so thanks @Computer from all of us!!!


I tried Dark Reader and really liked the resulting dark pages, but quickly disabled it because of security concerns with giving the extension too much access. Am I just being paranoid?

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Yeah, only use it to view this forum on a separate browser until a more reliable solution is implemented sometime this month. :cowboy_hat_face:

Thank @Bryanpwo! He’ll be taking care of our little problem soon enough. :+1:

Howdy …
I use midnight lizard. It’s heavy but the theming options available compliment my desktop better than anything else I’ve tried.