Cyclist's Shelter

I’ve never thought about it either… but I remember sometimes thinking that I’d like to have tour data, the device only saves km and min max speeds

I should bike more… gave up smoking a few months ago… and since then my belly has been growing :wink:

If the mail message hadn’t been broken, I would have given you the Bryton Rider 15 Neo.

Oh, this is familiar to me… Went through it…

gave up smoking a time beforte but i vape :slight_smile: some addiction stil there

a good bike does not need expensive, my cycle bike is around 200 euro :slight_smile: here in canal side i see a lot are above 500euro or 2000euro, my sister has a mountainbike around 2000euro i find it too biased dont need a ultra lite bike just one that drives me :slight_smile:

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I agree. Only manufacturers think otherwise :laughing:

I would love to buy a Triban like yours…
At least for the wife :wink:
But Decathlon brought only a few pieces for sale to the whole of Moscow… Given the fact that these several pieces are also of different sizes, it was simply unrealistic to actually buy such a bike.

We all live in very different conditions, talking about prices and availability of any goods. And in “our” conditions, it happens that buying something expensive is more profitable than trying to find “your” bike for “your” cost.

And if we talk about the cost… I don’t regret a single ruble spent on my bike.

for starting is always good, even a chinese brand… :slight_smile: bikes evolving as needed prices also :slight_smile:

at work i buy cheap bike once a year in that time… got 80euro a month for driving but the bike i ride is under 200 euro … once a year i fresh bike is always nice.
but now driving a car is way different…now have to take some workshop cleaning and maintaining a bike lolz

I have nothing against chinese brands. Moreover, it is the chinese groupset that are on our bikes - my wife has L-Twoo (no problems for the third year), I have Sensah (so far there are no problems either).

In general, the price of a bicycle is an extremely entertaining thing… Paradoxes are very common :slight_smile:
My bike in the current configuration costs less than the amount spent on the initial purchase and subsequent purchases :rofl:
I’m telling you, we all have different conditions :wink:

my work bike used to be chinese, is just a company here buys parts from china in bulk, and build it instore. its really child play :slight_smile:

Today I rode 62km in Moscow :biking_man:t3: :sunny:

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a friend on the camping, he rode 300km// thats insane :slight_smile:

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Kona Cindercone - 26 this year and still going strong (unlike the engine!).


Yes, there are such amateurs, to drive at a time maximum…
But I very much doubt that they feel joy from such a trip :wink: The realization that I could do it - yes :muscle:t3: But not joy :wink:

I am sure that there are still forces :biking_man:t3:

Delevan Pond NY


Today we realized an “obsessive” idea - we drove with my wife to Red Square. Just to note that “We were here” :blush: