Customize the Menu?

Being on Openbox for the last 8 plus years has left me in the dark when it comes to this plasma stuff lol. I did a search about Customizing the Menu unfortunately I get crap going back to KDE 4 which is not helpful. I found 2 different Manuals both outdated (damn my luck)

In the picture you can get a view of what I want to do. I want to create the submenu and move items into it. to look like the picture.

Is this possible in KDE?

What exactly are you trying to do? Sorry but I can’t work out what you are asking

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if you look at the menu editor i have like all the ENOS apps in a folder I want that folder to show up as a subfolder in the menu under the system parent folder. So that the menu looks like it does in the editor.

Submenus show up if you switch the menu style from Application Launcher to Application Menu.



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