Cursor changes on running browser with Wayland

My cursor changes to Adwaita(?) as soon as I run my chromium based browser( both Brave and Thorium) by changing ozone-platform=wayland.

Not using Wayland myself, but this has happened with my cursor using Xfce, Cinnamon, and i3wm. I just wrote it off as “a bug that doesn’t really matter” but if there’s a fix, I wouldn’t mind learning what that is.

Always guessed it’s just related to my blend of GTK and Qt apps.

EDIT: It’s not happening regularly now, though. It pretty much only happens when I run timeshift, which needs root permission. And on the login screen.

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This has always been my guess too.

I just realised something. Maybe the reason it’s not happening as often for me anymore is because I now use kvantum, qt5ct, and qt6ct to set my themes (incl. the cursor theme).

Do you use these? @W1se @smokey

I use none of those, I used to use kvantum and still have it installed but just haven’t used it in a while. I don’t think this changes it too much, I’ve noticed it less and less too. On firefox the cursor used to always change but hasn’t done it in a while.

I only ever used this when I was on XFCE but it’s another program I haven’t used in a while

I feel like this problem can be solved by using LXappearance.

I don’t think so. I was using LxAppearance the whole time when on i3 and still noticed that. But that may just be an issue with my specific setup.

If the OP does have Qt apps, they should use what I suggested anyway. If not then, as you said, LxAppearance should be enough.

Well, if you are still noticing a cursor switch outside of launching a root app or your lock screen, try them and see what happens. Certainly can’t hurt.

While I was on i3 I remember changing the cursor manually both in LXappearance and the dotfiles so that the cursor appearance is consistent because I hate it when the cursor randomly change when I’m hovering above different apps.

I wish you good luck and hope you can find a solution for this!

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I would but since I rarely use these programs I haven’t gotten around to trying it. Most of the time the offenders are programs that I only use for short periods

I get that. As I said, it no longer happens outside of those two scenarios for me.