Current status on G-Sync with multiple monitors (different refresh rates)?

Hey guys, it’s been a while.

Due to the limitations of my time (nvidia) I have been using Windows 10 (IoT Enterprise edition, don’t shoot me) for a while.

I’m hoping to upgrade to AMD graphics later down the line, but can anybody tell me how is the current situation ?

Planning to use KDE Plasma. Also x11 or wayland, which is the way to go ?

Hello, I have an Nvidia GPU, multiple monitors and KDE. G-Sync on Wayland seems to work just like on Windows, but I have some other weird issues on Wayland, that I don’t have on X11. G-Sync on X11 doesn’t work when both monitors are active and I don’t have high hopes it ever will, you can write a script to turn off your secondary monitor when gaming, but that’s about it.
Hope this helps.