Current state of Plasma supporting QHD internal and FHD external with scaling

Hi there,

just evaluatiing some options of a new laptop for my wife.

Current top candidate ASUS Zenbook S13* with a 2880 x 1800 OLED display. As there will be an external 24" FHD screen I just wonder if the scaling per monitor is working properly.

I just learned that it is better to use wayland intead of X11.

So the idea is to run the intermal screen on 200% scaling and the external on 100% - hope this won’t be blurry in any way…

For reasons of “stability” (non-rolling) I’ll use a Kubuntu 22.04LTS on that laptop - or in case of hardware issues Kubuntu 23.10 and use 2404 LTS asap…

Has anyone of you tried this recently? Just can find older reports in the web and this is an area where lots of changes happen currently.

Maybe anyone having this laptop and can tell more about it? (Issues, worth buying?)

*) side note: this is for my wife and thus good looking device goes over tech specs… :wink: really a hard job to find one that passes her needs AND is technically able to play with Linux :open_mouth:

Yes, it works fine in Plasma/Wayland now.

I am not sure of what support was like as of 22.04 though.

Fedora KDE ships with Wayland built-in if you want something stable with recent plasma versions.

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