Curious about Wayland

Well sorry thought “latte-dock” isn’t maintianed anymore, but it is in a way it seems.
Maybe that’s an working alternative to plank. Just tested it under Wayland and it worked just fine.

Also solved on Zoom’s end:

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This right here. KDE’s built-in dock did everything I needed plank and/or latte-dock to do the last time I checked. The only thing it was missing is style.

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Since Latte is no longer being developed, I only work with the KDE Panel. It is easy to use and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It slides behind the open window and opens the application I have added.

Keep it simple :wink:

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It appears plank won’t work on Wayland. That’s okay, at least theres alternatives.

That’s exactly what I will have to do. The KDE dock isn’t so bad. I only wanted to use plank because I got to experience it in elementaryOS and really liked the feel of it. Time to change

The style is the part that matters for me, I suppose. Either way it looks like I have a viable solution now in order to use Wayland which is a win :+1:

Now that I got Wayland and my Latte-Dock up, I deleted plank, but can I also delete X11? I don’t see myself using it anymore, is it safe to do? Wayland has no issues.

Until it does :melting_face:

KDE Wayland is currently under heavy development. This is very good for the near future, but experience has taught us that not everything will go smoothly along the way.

Having X11 as a fallback in case of Wayland problems is a must right now in my opinion. The earliest you should think about removing X11 is after a successful release of Plasma 6, which means spring of next year.

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I see. That sounds reasonable. As long as having both installed doesn’t cause conflict then I guess I don’t mind just leaving it.