Creating ore using an online account with DAV

It’s weird at the moment. I’ve never had problems connecting to contacts and calendars via DAV for KDE-pim. This no longer works after a new installation.
Strangely, Thunderbird can connect immediately.
Does anyone know the problem?

Make sure you have installed kaccounts-providers

With kaccounts-providers I can create access to the Nextcloud in the settings, my problem is that there is an HTTP error message 405 in the dialogs for connecting calendar and contacts via DAV.

ok, in Kontact settings i use this


Same settings for CarDAV and CalDAV

it was stupid of me to forget what i had known for years. Thunderbird just makes it easier.
By the way, a shorter address is sufficient:
Many Thanks

glad that it now works.
please mark the solution so that other users can learn from it too :wink:

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