Creating a writable LiveUSB

I am using a LiveUSB that I download from the endeavour website and installed using tee. However, I have issues trying to create a writable USB by using the installation process upon another USB.
I just can’t seem to boot from it after performing a regular Installation from the wizard. I wonder if this is an installation issue that doesn’t format the partition correctly and make it not viewable by the BIOS, even if the regular ISO is perfectly detected by the system.
Are there any special instructions to format my writable USB, can I just resize the partitions of the original USB to have a writable partition?

It is possible it is using your EFI partition on the hard disk?

I think @Jzarecta is trying to install EOS on another usb stick

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Exacly I want a liveUSB but with a writable home partition which will allow me to not have to reconfigure things like WiFi password, or application configuration.

you need --removable --recheck to install grub at least and:

Before creating the initial RAM disk, in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf move the block and keyboard hooks before the autodetect hook. This is necessary to allow booting on multiple systems each requiring different modules in early userspace.

both can be done while chrooting into the stick…

so, to make a liveusb usually just use dd file.iso /dev/sdx

This doesnt seem like a liveusb install but a regular install. In that situation is not what I am looking for. I already tried that route and didnt work for what I am trying to do. I am only looking for a way to easily mount the extra partition as part of the userfiles.

mount --bind /dev/sdXn /home/username/

bind mount ?