Creating a shortcut in kde

Hi all, I wondered, is it possible to create a keyboard shortcut to switch between workspaces.
I run a game within browser in full screen in one workspace and wanted a quick way to switch workspaces without undoing full screen.
Many thanks for providing this wonderful distro.

If by workspace you mean desktop, then: System-Settings->Workspace->Shortcuts->Global Shortcuts->Kwin

Then scroll the list and look at all the desktop options for whatever you are looking for.

If by workspace you mean activity then: System-Settings->Workspace->Workspace Behavior->Activities->Switching

EDIT: It is worth noting that if you are playing a game full screen it may eat some or all key combinations and not pass them on to plasma. You might have to play with it a bit.

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Thank you Dalto.
I have since discovered Ctrl+F2 switches to workspace 2, Ctrl+F1 switches back to workspace 1

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