Creating a custom version of the iso

I am trying to create a custom version of the ISO which will include nomachine so that I can remotely login and both do an install and trouble shoot a dead computer. I am able to add nomachine to the iso, but when I try to remote in I am asked for a username and password. I think the username is liveuser but where do I find the password? and if I wanted to change it where where I do that ?
thanks in advance for any help

does it need to run as root?

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May you need the service to start automatic on ISO boot, or do you want to access the LiveISO session from remote?
I do just try here and i do not need to give my users password to use the nomachine main window, but then for sure to access other machine i need to give username and password from remote machine to login on it.

HI Joe, thank you. The service already starts automatically so that’s not an issue. What I want to be able to is access the LiveISO session remotely. The use case is I’ve somehow broken my mothers computer and need to rescue it. I’d like her to plug in the USB and reboot, then I could remote and and repair it. If it does work I am also toying with the idea of using the remote session to update her computer from Ubuntu to EndeavourOS.

I created the ISO with nomachine on it, and I was able to boot a machine and remote to it from an other computer, but I’m asked for a username and pass. The other thing I could do is use the the automated_script to add key to the liveuser which would let me login using the key rather than a username and pass which might be better.

i think there is no password afaik, but you could create one inside the livesession by changing it with sudo…
It should be possible to have one created on the ISO on the build process too, but i never do that, other distros have it like that setting it to liveuser …
i would do that from that script:

got it working thank you. nomachine supports logging in with a key similar to ssh, so I was able to edit to include the appropriate key and I am now able to remote into the liveuser session.
Thanks for the help