CPU temperatures motherboard on desktop

Good evening, you know a program capable of making the CPU Live Temperature Control Panel appear on the CPO control panel, on Ubuntu I use Psensor but here Psensor does not allow me to view the temperatures on the screen

Open a terminal and enter sensors, done.

Thanks but I meant temperatures on bar applications on the desktop always present, on ubuntu using psensor I always have them in the background but here it shows me the thermometer but no temperatures

What desktop environment do you use?

kde plasma

Good morning,
On some of my machines I use “thermal monitor” that you download from the top button and install in the group of available software; then insert it and configure it in the taskbar (screenshot).

In English: (get new widgets) at the top.

On some machines where “thermal monitor” can’t get the information, I use “Xsensors” in a window. (I used " pacman -S xsensors " to install it.

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