Covid? Alright!

I’m living in Holland. When the s hit the fan, my side of the Netherlands got hit worst of all. North Brabant was the place not to be.

After carnival, which is usually a mass of people on top of each other, we were the covid hotspot of the Netherlands.

Now, three flairups later, it has norminalized here. Globally though…

It does feels like all is getting worse. Especially with the mutation in the UK and south afrika.

We’ve lost about 1.5 million people to covid so far. This is way less than, say, the common cold. It is still a massive issue though.

I kinda feel like traveling back in time to the 90’s. Everything was better in the 90’s.

Anyway, the reason for this post, the Netherlands thought behind all this jabber is this…

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. May any or all of the vaccines be helpful and may we be done with this shit, next year.

Be safe. Be strong. Help and support each other.

See you in 2021!


Hi Joris
Pretty weird times we all live in. I am from the US but living in North Ecuador. Have talked tonight to people in the US and Canada and heard from friends via e mail from Venezuela tonight, Christmas Eve…
Things here in Ecuador are on a pretty much an even keel. No one here knows when the first vaccine will be available to the public. From friends in Canada they supposedly are going on a nationwide lock down Boxing Day, December 26th. Not much has changed apparently in Venezuela or the US. 2020 has been a difficult year…
To all of you in Holland, the Netherlands, to your friends and family and all of those dear to you…a Safe and Blessed Christmas and New Year. Hopefully 2021 will show some improvement for us all.


Greetings from mutated Zuid-Afrika. Yes, we are aware of the Second Wave and we know our politicians are shitheads. But there is no panic here, we don’t have any harsher lockdown rules yet, and with some common sense by all people we’ll get around it. You know 4 weeks of hardcore lockdown would be an end to Covid? Once and for all. We’re in the 9th month of pretty much compromised lockdown and things aren’t going to be better anytime soon. :mask:

In Canada we are going into more restrictions again as the numbers of cases has risen again to an alarming rate. It is somewhat of a lock down but not in the sense that people think. Unfortunately it does affect everyone. Some harder than others as certain business are not allowed to operate or have to operate under different conditions and reduced capacity. Unfortunately this is something we have to do. This virus is a killer and it is not like the common cold or flu. It is 10x worse than that. We just had our first shipments of the vaccine land here. It is going to take time for people to be vaccinated and also the time between now and when enough people get vaccinated for it to start to make a difference. We still have some dark days ahead of us. People need to do their part. Social distance, Wear masks! Protect yourself…protect others. No one knows who or when they may carry the virus even if they have been tested. I work in the school system. A lot of schools have had cases. My school has been lucky so far with zero cases. Everyone at our school wears masks for the most part even children in jk & sk kindergarten 99% of the time. I make sure they do when I am working as i remind them. We are going to get through this if we all do our part. It’s a small sacrifice compared to what the front line workers are being subjected to. They are the heroes! I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. Keep the faith! Be strong! Don’t give up! :slightly_smiling_face:


Folks, here’s some current statistical data for your information. Since every country is different, please take the opportunity to review your data so that you can make your own observations & assessments.

US current Covid total #'s (cumulative since 1/21/20) = 18,391,571 cases, 325,096 deaths. 98.3% non-mortality rate. Keep in mind that the CDC numbers don’t appear to reflect any recovery cases.

Last 7 days = 221,408 cases, 3,362 deaths. 98.5% non-mortality. Average daily cases per 100,000 = 63.8, or less that a fraction of 1%.

Globally, cumulative cases = 79,764,330 with 1,749,893 deaths. 97.8% non-mortality rate. 56,156,103 cases fully recovered.

Sources … [] &


That’s about the “non-mortality rate” of WWII


DO those numbers include those who have been permanently impacted health-wise, despite “recovering”? Also wondering who it was exactly that got ‘taken out’ - as a member of the vulnerable population, I think it matters! A lot of people lost parents and grandparents too - so don’t equate the numbers with the impact…


Exactly this :point_up_2::point_up_2:. I lost my dad to covid in November but I also have friends that have suffered life altering conditions from covid. Some friends lost their sense of taste and smell in March and still haven’t recovered. I have one friend I went to school with who caught it in April and now has to have a mobility scooter to get to the shops, he can’t walk more than 50 yards and is still on oxygen. Im not saying we should lock down or the death figures aren’t over exaggerated (they are) but if you are over 75 its deadly and even people in their 20s can suffer like changing issues. Those need to be remembered


I don’t think the numbers are exagerated at all. If anything the real numbers are higher. With so many people not having proper healthcare insurance or living in ignorance I bet a lot of cases are not being reported, either because people can’t afford or they mistrust the system. In the countries where the healthcare system is overwhelmed reporting a new case does nothing for you so maybe some don’t even bother. Not to mention countries where the reporting mechanism itself is overwhelmed.


I live in the Netherlands too, but yeah, the latest lockdown around this time of the year, I wish they did it in October, but the restrictions just were too dull.
Hope we can go through this time good and fight this virus! :smiley:


folks, please do not post statistics and numbers, the topic is only about asking you if you are alright, we do not want any nowhere leading discussion about numbers and pro contra on what politics decide…