Counter Strike - black screen and closes (unless it doesnt)

I’m a real newbie and I don’t know what to do but…
When I run CS:GO on steam (non-proton) black screen appears and it closes. In addition I managed to open it and even played with decent fps but it took like few times trying to open (didn’t notice any pattern - didn’t change any settings). At last changing name of /panorama/video folder made background of the menu black and it made it work. Don’t think its a proper solution tho. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

This problem is more about steam itself - my steam works fine. Problem is with the Counter Strike. I tried other games like Valheim and there is no problem at all. All I can say is that after using this additional command I managed to open the game 2 times properly. For the third time it went black and closed like usually. I’m confused… :confused:

What are your launch options for cs:go ?

I tried -nojoy and -novid.
none seems to work :C

I had the same issue and fixed it. Launch it with compatibility mode: Steam Linux Runtime, it will crash. Disable compatibility mode and launch again

I have the same problem and I couldn’t fix.

Now I fixed it here. I uninstalled and installed again only and works.

I have a question did you fix it because i have this problem to?